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Finishing: Bringing life to your specifications

The demand for high-quality finishing continues to grow. This has inspired EPP to continue investing in a range of advanced finishing equipment to keep pace with technology developments in lamination, varnishing, die-cutting, foiling and many other specialist finishes.

Our comprehensive finishing plant includes a wide range of high-tech, automated equipments. These facilities provide quick, efficient and adaptable solutions to almost every finishing requirement that our customers specify.

Finishing techniques:

  • Special texture varnishes (drip, abrasive, glitter etc.,)
  • Reflex emboss
  • Scented varnish with scratch and sniff
  • Edge gilding
  • Cast and cure
  • Gloss / matt UV varnish
  • Gloss / matt aqua varnish
  • Gloss / matt overprint varnish
  • Gloss / matt lamination
  • Soft touch / scratch free lamination
  • Foiling (hot / cold)
  • Die-cut / embossing / debossing

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