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Finishing Equipment

Our extensive range of state-of-the-art finishing machines installed in three plants are as follows,

  • Two Bobst hot foil stamper (Expertfoil)
  • Speria Foil Master
  • KAMA Foil
  • Miller Johannisberg 104S cylinder foiling machine
  • Two Sakurai silk screen printing machine
  • Lamina sheet-to-sheet laminator
  • Rigid box-making machines
  • Two Heiber + Schroder window patching machines
  • Three Bobst die-cutters (SP 102 BMA , Spanthera and Expertcut)
  • Kama die-cutter
  • Three Sanwa die-cutters
  • Bobst folder-gluer (Expertfold 110A-2)
  • Nikko folder-gluer
  • KAMA folder-gluer
  • Jagenberg folder-gluer
  • Moll Vantage 720 folder-gluer
  • Four Focusight quality checking machines

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